How to Keep Your Gutters Flowing Through the Winter

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019 by Amber Chesney

Regular Maintenance

You will need to do some regular maintenance to make sure that your gutters are not sagging or leaking. You will also want to clear your gutters of leaves, twigs and any other materials that may collect in the gutter, clogging them and preventing the flow of water. Gutters can warp, sag and leak if they are not well-maintained. Check that your gutters also connect securely to downspouts. Be aware that gutter maintenance involves a high degree of personal risk; be sure to practice safety measures to avoid falls.

Add Gutter Covers

To keep your roof draining properly, it helps to have gutter covers in place with effective gutter protection systems. Gutter covers go over your gutters and stop debris and leaves from entering, thus preventing clogs. This ensures that water can flow freely.

 Install Gutter Heating 

In the winter, you will find having a gutter heating product can make a tremendous difference. In areas that have significant snow and ice, icicles and ice dams form on roofing. This creates roof leaks, increases heating bills and can damage the roof and foundation of a home. Gutter heating helps reduce ice dams from forming, ensuring water flows smoothly.

To solve this problem and ensure the smooth flow of water through gutters during the winter, we have created Helmet Heat®. Helmet Heat is a self-regulating heating cable that can be installed inside your Gutter Helmet gutter guard system. Helmet Heat reduces ice dams and snow from building up in your gutters and around the sides of your roof. Having this effective gutter protection system keeps your gutters working properly with smooth water flow throughout the winter.

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