Early Signs of Gutter Problems

Thursday, September 6th, 2018 by Amber Chesney

Your Gutters

Have you looked at your gutters recently? They will give you some early warning signs that they’re failing. One of the easiest to spot is rust on the bottoms of the gutters. That rust is an indication that water is sitting in your gutters for a prolonged period, causing them to rust and deteriorate. If you notice upon closer inspection that what you thought was rust is really dirt, you’re not in the clear. Dirt on the outside of your gutters is likely from water overflowing. That is an even bigger sign you have a clog. If gutters are pulling away from your home, you may have one or more issues including clogs and rotting fascia.

The Exterior of Your Home

Take a close look at your home’s exterior. Start at the ground. Is dirt and mulch stuck to the bottom of your siding? That could be from water running over your gutters, forming a puddle and then splashing up onto your home’s exterior. Further up on your home siding, fascia and the areas under the eaves can mold or have peeling paint when continuously exposed to dripping water from overflowing gutters.

Your Landscaping

When you have clogged or otherwise failing gutters, water can’t flow through the gutter system and out the downspouts. It flows over the gutters and onto your landscaping. This leads to a trough forming below the gutter’s edge from the constant dripping water. You may have standing water or just soggy ground, but if you notice a line parallel to your home, you likely have a gutter problem of some sort. In freezing temperatures, you may notice a line of ice where the water fell and froze. Another sign of a clog is if you don’t see any evidence of water at the downspout.

Inside Your Home

Water follows the path of least resistance. If it’s easier to flow into your home rather than over the edge of your gutter, it will. This can lead to peeling paint on walls, ceilings and even along your floorboards. You may think you have a roof leak when it’s just a gutter issue.

Our staff at Home Solutions Midwest are trained to inspect existing gutter systems and determine if they are in good shape, and if they can support Gutter Helmet® rain gutter shields. Call us today at 1-507-373-3435 to receive a FREE estimate!

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