4 Reasons Spring Is The Best Season For Window Replacement

Monday, April 23rd, 2018 by Amber Chesney

1. No Exposure to the Cold

When performed by experienced professionals, removing and installing windows during fall or winter is doable. However, installers must take extra precautions to minimize the exposure of your home to the elements. Even if the entire project might take just one day to finish, the cold drafts can make your home improvement experience less comfortable.

2. Greater Caulk Adherence

Beyond comfort, any window replacement expert would say that warm weather is necessary to help the caulk adhere. However, too hot can be bad because the sealant might not cure properly. This is why it’s a less desirable idea to start your project in summer when the temperatures are at their highest.

3. Long-Lasting Seal Integrity

Spring window installation helps keep the caulk from cracking or splitting. If the sealant was applied during the coldest season of the year, the material would eventually expand as the days become hotter. In turn, the movement of the material might cause the seal to lose its weathertightness.

4. Faultless Workmanship

Inclement weather is an annoying obstacle that can affect installation efficiency and quality. Although reputable professionals can manage hazards, it’s always better to carry out window replacement jobs during the driest season: spring. Flawless workmanship helps ensure long-term product performance and longevity.

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