Gutter Helmet Buyers Guide

Monday, April 16th, 2018 by Amber Chesney

1. How long have you been installing your gutter protection system?

Many companies that install gutter protection systems switch brands often, short changing their customers for warranty and service, and they also lose consistency in installation techniques. Home Solutions Midwest has been installing gutter protection since 1991. Gutter Helmet is the original gutter protection system and allows our company a competitive edge over all other newly marketed imitations.

2. Do I need to replace my existing gutters?

While other companies are trying to pressure you into replacing your gutters with their one-piece systems, Home Solutions Midwest is always busy inspecting your existing gutters to ensure a problem-free solution. With Home Solutions two-piece gutter protection system, we can utilize your existing gutter, therefore, saving you money.

3. What about ice?

Gutter Helmet will neither create nor eliminate ice. Ice and ice dams are formed from other causes, usually poor or inadequate insulation (ask our sales team about helmet heat). Gutter Helmet does a marvelous job of eliminating damage to gutter systems as it does prevent most of the ice from building up within the gutter and downspouts themselves. Because they lack a nose-forward design, some other gutter protection systems have a flat surface which does hold water causing ice to form and possibly harming your gutters or your roof.

4. What do I do if my gutters do become clogged?

Many companies will charge you to service their system. Home Solutions Gutter Helmet has a proven nose forward design and comes with a fully transferable lifetime “Never clean your gutters again” warranty. And, if they should clog, just call us – we will clean them for free.

5. Will your gutter protection system harm my roof?

Beware of false and misleading information or claims. With almost 2 decades of experience installing Gutter Helmet, no roof has ever been damaged or compromised any roof warranty. In fact, many new gutter protection system products cause ice dams, which in turn, cause possible damage to your roof.

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